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Rusty Old Truck
"A journey of a thousand miles
must begin with a single trip"

-Lau Tzu


Always knowing as each year passed that the dream was to have a place where our love

of painting, designing, and decorating would come together. 

We did it!  

Candyce is able to put paint to canvas and create delicate flowers that make the soul smile and fluid art

that makes the mind tranquil.  Creating one of kind whimsical designs to delight anyone. 

The opportunity to offer these pieces of art to the public is magical.  

Beth at an early age learned her sense of design and decoration from her aunt, Christina Wilson.  Growing up watching her decorate her home was the catalyst  to Beth arranging and decorating her own home, and homes of her friends and family.  Creating warm and welcoming environments where you will want to just stay and linger is her ultimate joy.  Beth enjoys creating hand designed greeting cards, and textiles that make you feel just as cozy as her home.


















Who are Jack & Wylie?

Jack was a border collie that was sitting lonely in a cage at the Humane Society.  Candyce waited in the car while the family went inside to see what animals were available.  Cage after cage of beautiful dogs, and then there he was sitting back in the corner not trying to get any attention.  Knowing that Candyce had a fondness for Border Collies the family went to the car to tell her about this pitiful creature.  She immediately jumped out of the car.  She was warned that he was scared, and didn't warm up to anyone and she really shouldn't go inside the cage.  Candyce took the chance and sat beside him and spoke to him in the softest, most reassuring voice.   She was able to win his trust and most importantly his love.  Jack lived with the family on their farm for over 10 years and brought them so much joy.  Jack crossed the rainbow bridge and will forever have a special place in their hearts.  

Wylie was found hiding under a car in a thunderstorm.  Scared and wet Candyce took her home and gave her the safety and comfort of a warm home.  Wylie was a happy dog and brought Candyce much happiness.  Wylie took care of Candyce as much as Candyce took care of her.  As Wylie was getting older it became aware that her hips were causing her much discomfort.  Climbing stairs became to painful and Candyce would find herself assisting Wylie up and down the stairs.  Even though her hips were causing her much pain, she managed to always be a happy dog.  After living with Candyce for 15 years Wylie crossed the rainbow bridge and her happy soul will be remembered fondly.  

Candyce and Beth have a love for dogs and all animals.  So it was fitting that the first two in their lives would be the

 inspiration of their dream.





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